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Welcome to Googoolies, the ultimate puzzle merge game that combines adorable characters with endless fun! In Googoolies, you’ll immerse yourself in a world filled with cute, puffy, and furry creatures just waiting to be discovered. Your goal is to merge these delightful characters to unlock new packs, earn money, and reach new heights of achievement.


Googoolies offers an engaging and intuitive gameplay experience. Simply merge characters of the same type to create even more adorable and unique ones. As you progress, you’ll unlock a variety of character packs, each brimming with new and exciting creatures. The more characters you merge, the more money you earn, allowing you to unlock even more packs and features.

Level Up with High Scores

One of the most exciting aspects of Googoolies is its unique level-up system. Every time you hit a new high score, you level up! This means that each level up represents a new personal best, challenging you to continuously improve and beat your previous scores. With every new level, the game introduces fresh challenges and surprises to keep you engaged.

Diverse Themes and Graphics

Googoolies boasts a wide array of stunning graphics and themes to keep the gameplay visually appealing. Each level comes with its own unique aesthetic, ranging from Spring, Fall, Winter, and Summer to Forest, Mossy, Desert, and more. These beautiful and diverse settings provide a refreshing backdrop as you merge your way through the game.


Adorable Characters

Enjoy merging an ever-expanding collection of cute, puffy, and furry characters.

Stunning Graphics

Tune your gameplay!

New Friends

In “Googoolies,” earn coins to unlock new friends (Googoolies) and expand your collection!

Challenging Levels

Each level up represents a new high score, offering endless challenges and goals to strive for.

Endless Fun

With its easy-to-learn mechanics and endless merging possibilities, Googoolies promises hours of fun for players of all ages.

Stunning Graphics

Experience a variety of beautiful themes and graphics, including seasonal and nature-inspired designs.

Daily Rewards

In “Googoolies,” log in every day to receive some coins as a reward!